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There are common facial features that can make an individual appear more or less attractive. All structures on the face should be harmonious and balanced within themselves. In Mentoplasty, the chin is reconstructed by making it compatible with the face.


Which technique will be used is decided as a result of the evaluation of the patients and options are presented. There are three main methods for volumizing and extending the chin tip forward for patients with a small and backward chin.

Filler Injection

It is the most practical solution in appropriate patients. Liquid fillers such as hyaluronic acid, which are used in lip and face fillings, are injected into the chin to increase the volume. It is a temporary but good solution for patients who are afraid of the operation, want a practical solution, and are suitable for filler injection. Patients can see the shape of the chin in minutes.

Placing a Prosthesis on the Chin

In cases where the lower jaw is small and behind in the profile view, that is, in the antero-background deficiencies of the lower jaw, prostheses such as medpor, titanium, and silicone can be placed on the jaw tip. The appropriate-sized prosthesis, which is selected with a small incision made in the mouth or under the chin under general or local anesthesia, is placed in the pocket prepared in this area. Sometimes, the jaw tip can be augmented by using the person's own bone or cartilage instead of the prosthesis. It is a very effective method. The surgery takes an average of 1 hour. There may be pain that can be controlled with painkillers for 1-2 days, but it is usually comfortable. If the surgery is done through the mouth, it is beneficial not to consume very hot and solid foods for about 1 week.

Amputation of the Chin Tip Bone

If the deformity of the lower jaw is severe, the chin bone is cut and moved forward and placed with plates and screws. In the opposite cases where the chin tip is forward, the chin tip can be moved back by reversing this attempt.


In patients with very small jaws, the body's own tissue can be used to add to the jaw, and its own bone, usually from the hip, is used for this. Mentoplasty can also be done by removing a piece of bone to reduce a protruding, disfiguring, and overly pronounced jaw.


Chin aesthetic operation can be performed in the form of sometimes enlarging or reducing the chin, and sometimes correcting the shape, depending on the procedure to be performed under general anesthesia or sedation anesthesia in the hospital. It is an operation that takes between 45 minutes and 3-5 hours. Some patients can return home after surgery, while others may stay in the hospital for a day. The duration and difficulty of the procedure vary according to the needs of the patient.

Chin aesthetic operations are performed after 18-19 years of age in male patients and from 17-18 years of age in female patients.

The operation takes an average of 1 hour.